The Magic Hanky Christening Bonnet


This lovely bonnet is made from pure Irish Linen and adorned with delicate Cotton Lace. After you've christened your child , tuck it away for a wedding day. A few simple snips transforms the bonnet into a beautiful bridal hanky, from Ireland.

Instructions are included and come in a gift box as shown with the following poem:
I'm a little hankie, as beautiful as can be;
And with a stitch or two a bonnet was made from me.
I can be worn home from the hospital or on christening day.
And then I will be tucked away to wait the Wedding Day.
On her Wedding Day, a hanky I will be, for every bride needs something old And surely I will be.
And if it so happens to be a boy, And someday he should marry, he can give his lovely bride A hanky she can carry.